We can’t re-invent the wheel, but we can make it turn it a little faster.

All medium and higher quality types of waste paper, cellulose substitutes, roll goods for re-pulping, ex-warehouse items, seconds, special items of cellulose or goods salvaged from accidents, fibrous goods, paper rejects with special qualities. We will gladly assist in finding suitable sales outlets for new products.

We achieve a high degree of satisfaction vis-à-vis customers and suppliers by means of our transparent methods of material management, based on a well-tried logistic concept and a properly-functioning network of partner companies consisting of numerous medium-sized haulage contractors, freight forwarders, marine transporters and ship owners.

Import and export, frontier clearance in the classical sense are conducted for you in a customer-oriented and sensitive manner, which give meaning to the concept of “just-in-time”. We are happy to take our place amongst the “global players of the twenty-first century”.

rm•trade establishes firm relationships with regular customers by means of variety and flexibility and fulfils thereby the high standards required of supply-chain-management – and as a young team it goes without saying that we enjoy facing up to new and growing tasks.

We will be happy to hear from you and your thoughts on jointly opening up new markets. The trade in raw materials certainly also offers aspects which rm•trade GmbH would like to investigate with you, with the goal of mutual growth and potential. We will be happy to accompany you along difficult paths.

How can my company become an integral part of rm•trade’s structural programme?

Simply send us a short company profile, emphasise your strengths and also do not hesitate to refer to weaker areas of your operation which need to be developed. Maybe we can find a symbiosis which allows us to grow together! We look forward to your making contact.

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